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Ponta Preta Luxurious New Model Home With Penthouse For Sale –
Beautiful Oceanfront Lots For Sale

Private Upscale Panoramic Oceanfront Views + Luxurious Penthouse - Maio is a must see paradise. Exclusive. Upscale. Private. Tranquil. Experience the beach at your doorstep.


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What Islanders are Saying...

A drift in the Atlantic Ocean, one of the attractions of the Cape Verde islands is the water sports: surfing, windsurfing, diving and fishing. Travellers are also lured to the islands by the promise of scenic hikes around the dramatic terrain of these volcanic outcrops. Many off-the-beaten-track highlights are provided to help explorers discover the hidden treasures of this magical archipelago, from beautiful bays with whaling history and beaches teeming with turtles to botanical gardens and cobbled paths leading to summits high above sea level.

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Super sale: 50% off the asking price of Lots 10,11 & 12 which are now on the market for immediate sale.

Sale is limited to 30 days only and ends March 25, 2021.

Tremendous opportunity to buy beach-view lots in an upscale community-Ponta Preta Maio Cape Verde!

Currently available are Lots 14 through 21 which are spectacular front facing the beach/Atlantic Ocean.
Tremendous opportunity to buy beachfront/beach-view lots in beautiful Preta, Maio, Cape Verde described as a PARADISE!

Call 238-592-7046 for price & ask for Martin!

*** Investors take Note: It has been reported that the island of Maio is preparing to receive Spanish investments called Little Africa in the order of 550 million euros, with the beginning of the works foreseen for January 2021, and will last for three years. The project estimates to create more than 10,000 jobs on the island in the long term, and will be a “unique project” that focuses on the environment and ecotourism in Cape Verde.